Corinne Bailey Rae

Role | Video Director, Creative Director, Producer, jack-of-all-trades
Strategic Specialties | Video Marketing, Content, Social Media


7 videos. 2 months.
1 director: A strategy and creative output to excite and engage fans on YouTube.



To get sign off before production, I concepted and wrote video treatments for each song. They included storylines, inspirational imagery, content sources and level of availability needed from Corinne. Below is an example from the video “Night”


“The Skies Will Break”

For the album's opening track, I proposed a geometric video collage of natural landscapes. After collecting fitting archival and stock footage, I collaborated with motion graphic designer Patrick Kim to bring it to life.

Responsibilities | Creative Direction, Asset Research, Photo Editor



To match the ethereal quality of the song, I proposed a video portrait where she alone would be immersed in starlight. With the help of practical effects and lighting, we created an eerie and romantic series of Corinne's interpretive movements.

Responsibilities | Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Color Grading


“Do You Ever Think of me”

Responsibilities | Photography, Photo Editing, Motion Graphics, Editing


“Horse Print Dress”

With the flirty track, we went for an equally playful series of video portraits. Corinne brought her cutest poses and dance moves to our guerilla style East Village shoot. Our editor, Hugo Faraco, matched the vibe with beat-synced edits and geometric treatments.

Responsibilities | Creative Direction, Video Director, Director of Photography