essie x Code and Theory

Role | Senior Art Director at Code and Theory
Strategic | Brand, Creative, Social Media, Engagement Scheduling, Content
Creative | Art Direction, Design, Photo Direction & Editing


Inspired by it’s devoted fans, a brand new social media persona and creative strategy for the iconic beauty brand.


Strategy Presentation Deck

Seizing the opportunity to do more than just a few Facebook templates, I created a deeply detailed creative strategy and digital brand persona for essie. Once enthusiastically embraced by the brand, it served as a strong foundation for the development of social content calendars across all major social platforms and beyond. Facebook alone increased by an average of 10x in the first few months. The persona and creative guidelines went on to be used throughout essie’s digital marketing presence.

Strategic | Creative, Brand, Social Media, Content
Creative | Art Direction, Design


Social Posts

Strategic | Content, Engagement Scheduling
Creative | Art Direction & Design

Additional design by Vicen Akina, Jillian Hobbs and Nicole Pivirotto