J. Crew

Role | Social Media Consultant, Content Creator,
All-around Friend of the Brand
Strategic Specialties | Digital Marketing, Social Media, Engagement, Content


A long-running creative relationship with one of my favorite brands.


Working With The CRew

Several years ago, the digital marketing manager of J. Crew reached out for advice about their burgeoning social media presence. That was the beginning of a wonderful working relationship with the brand. Over time, I've had the pleasure of being contracted as a social media consultant and content curator for various marketing efforts. I've also taken part of various events as a guest influencer, including their NY Fashion Week presentations a special seasonal dinners.


My SHoe Story Campaign

For the contest collaboration between J. Crew x Vogue, I created original blog connect and curated a promotional Pinterest board (shown below).


Two blog posts to support the initiative: one to announce the contest and Pinterest board and another utilizing original content creation.


Fashion Week Coverage

A selection of my own original photography posting on Instagram and Pinterest, where I knew the content would have the strongest reach.


A post from J. Crew’s Official blog, featuring me and attendees at the Fall 2014 show.