Jewish Federations of North America

Role | Senior Digital Designer (UI/UX)
Strategic Specialties | Digital Marketing, Brand, Content, UX, and Research


By starting with a collaborative and holistic research process, I developed homepage designs that were rooted in stakeholder’s needs.


Homepage Strategy & Research

Before diving into design, I conducted some friendly qualitative research with major stakeholders across the company. To guide the conversations, I developed a visualized questionnaire (shown below) that focused on marketing, interaction design, visual design, copywriting and SEO concerns.


Sketches & Wireframes

The biggest takeaway from the staff interviews was to focus on prompting donations, a campaign area and making local services services prominent. With that in mind, I initiated a series of wireframes to explore different options for layout. Starting with light sketches, and later moving on to low fidelity wireframes, these helped to quickly test out the hierarchy of importance for content hierarchy and functionality.


Final UI Design Options

This lead to creating two directions for the landing: one that would be long-scroll hub for JFNA information and news and another minimalist option, focused on local services and donations.