Digital Marketing x SUNY Purchase

Role | Adjunct Lecturer at SUNY Purchase
Responsibilities | Syllabus Development, Class instruction, Presentation Design


Students at varying levels calls for a brand new syllabus and hands-on class format that makes digital marketing accessible to all.


Syllabus Visualization

I relied on my UI/UX design skills and developed a visualization of the entire course structure. It documented what topics would be covered in class and the percentage of time spent on each. It was a perfect system, as it allowed me to see the big picture and adjust accordingly. It was also presented to the department head to get sign-off and feedback.


FINAL Syllabus

After doing an ice-breaker with the students, I learned that there was a wide range of in their knowledge. With that in mind, my goal became to get everyone on the same page with accessible foundation lessons. The final syllabus was presented as a Google Doc, so it could be easily adjusted as the class progressed.

Class Presentations

The class was a mix of lectures and in-class student workshops. For each major marketing channels or concept, I reviewed the benefits and opportunities, long with and case study examples in the arts. I put a strong emphasis on reinforcing lessons with hands-on practice, both in class and with homework. Below is a presentation deck from the owned media class.